Killarney: DAY 3 – Going Off the Beaten Track

Today’s Theme: ‘Going Off the Beaten Track’

map day 3

I woke at a decent time but was no where near ready to get going until around 11am. But the sun was shining and the outdoors beckoning so I decided to grab a cheap lunch deal from Dunnes Store for €3.50 and take it on a walk out to Ross Island.
I took a minor detour to start with by going out to the lakeside view at the end of the River Deenagh walk. It was completely deserted aside from the birds and I spent 30minutes jumping around the tree roots and up and down what looked like bmx bike tracks.
I emerged through something that was definitely not an official track with my first, but not last, coating of mud for the day.

Back on track I made my way past my furthermost point yesterday at Ross Castle and on to Ross Island. First was the Ross Cottage which I wandered around trying to find a doorway but it either does not exist or has been concreted up, I’m not sure. All the cottage has is a small slit window which gives you a glimpse of the overgrown garden inside.

I had heard the previous day that the mining Trail (copper mines were a big business here many years ago) was the place to go so as soon as I saw a sign I followed it to the most beautiful lakeside beach. Panoramic vistas spread in front of me and I knew I had found my lunch spot although I wasn’t quite hungry yet so I decided to snap some shots in the sun (just in case it disappeared before I got back) and move on to something called Governor’s rock.

I followed a father and son duo from Germany up to yet another beautiful scene and took a bunch of selfies. It was absolutely stunning and I spent 15minutes just soaking up the image in front of me.

As I walked back to the main trail I was starting to feel quite hungry so I considered heading back to the ‘beach’ for my lunch but saw another sign pointing to a place called ‘Library Point’. Seeing on the map that it was only 2kms and seemed to face Innisfallen Abbey on Innisfallen Island I decided to nip up there to see if I could get a good view of the Abbey ruins.
This was a poor decision. First of all, 2kms out means 2kms back and secondly the track was so deeply covered in mud that 2kms should have been doubled. “It’ll pay off” I thought as my stomach grumbled. I argued in my head that perhaps it would be an even better picnic spot.
It wasn’t.

Overgrown and with only a partial view of Ross Castle and no view of the Abbey I tried to go off-road just to find a nice spot by the water but to no avail.
I took a few snaps and promptly turned on my heels and headed back in the direction of the beach dragging my feet and dodging cute doggies.
After what seemed like an impossibly long walk (read: not that long) I finally plonked myself down on a rock and pulled out my lunch which now seemed a whole lot more luxurious even at its unappealingly warm temperature. That’s a pay off at least!
A passerby commended me on my spot and picnic and I felt vindicated.

It was already getting dark when I bucked up the courage to crawl back to the hostel. 3 days of unusually heavy use and my legs were seizing up so I challenged myself to only stop every second bench.
Back at the hostel I jumped into bed and whipped out my laptop for some Funhaus watching. Two new dorm mates arrived as I was there and ended up playing some cards in the common area. They headed out to a bar for live music while I snuggled up in bed.
Tomorrow, a whole lot of sitting on a bus going around the Ring of Kerry.




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