Killarney: DAY 5 – Reunion

Today’s theme: ‘reunion’
After a dramatic morning in the hostel of fire alarms and fire trucks (the chimney started a fire in the roof…) an impromptu trip to Limerick it is!

It’s a grey and rainy day so I quite fancied the idea of sitting on a bus and having been to Cork already I liked the idea of going somewhere new. The bus for limerick happened to be 10minutes away so I grabbed a €19 return ticket and jumped on.

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What I didn’t realise is that my friend Shane works in Limerick. So when I messaged him to tell him about my random trip (knowing he’d been in Limerick and assuming he was now based in Dublin) he told me what a terrible mistake I had made before casually saying he would wave at me from his office. Hence plans were made to meet for drinks at 6pm. Limerick itself doesn’t have much to offer but the opportunity to catch up with a friend after two years was a good one.

I got to Limerick at around 2pm and was desperate for some food so took Shane’s recommendation of a Japanese restaurant. Taikichi was good once the realised I didn’t have a menu from which to order from… I had a tempura set and ate quickly before wandering off to the castle.

I took the ‘river walk’; a 100m concrete slab of a path from the shops up to the castle (okay maybe a tiny bit further). At the castle I invoked my new found student privileges and grabbed a discounted ticket into the castle.

They had clearly put a lot of money into the exhibition space inside and it was genuinely quite fun; mostly because I spent my time laughing at it. I also got a number of fantastic photos.


After the exhibit you are sent out into the fresh air to run around the castle. Much like Muckross Abbey on my first day here I enjoyed the freedom of exploring the castle towers and passageways. The weather turned out to be stunning too – if a little windy – so I got plenty of photos taken.

After a quick glance around the gift shop I headed back out with plans to wait in a cafe for the hour or so until Shane arrived. I soon got lost in a part of town I don’t think I should have been in… but eventually found my way back to civilisation and after wandering a little I settled into Costa for some Funhaus viewing.

Just after 6 Shane appeared! Two years! How has it been two years?? We wandered down to a packed pub by the river and caught up. We could’ve caught up for longer but buses are fickle around here and we couldn’t afford to miss ours. There was enough trouble with buses already (the company I had purchased my return ticket with ended service early so I had to go with another company) but when we thought the bus had arrived it turned out it wasn’t going to Killarney and the bus I needed was 1hr delayed. Shane’s turned up soon after and I ushered him on it not wanting him to miss his chance. He had already ‘omotenashi’d me enough (to be hospitable in the Japanese sense) by buying me a drink at the pub and taking all of my useless coins in exchange for the bus fare. We said our goodbyes and I stood in the cold for an hour before the bus showed.

I was on the bus for an hour before it broke down before slowly starting again and another hour back to Killarney where I arrived to find there were only two of us in the dorm so I took my time winding down and eventually got into bed at around midnight.

Tomorrow is my final day and I don’t have much planned; buying a few souvenirs (if shops are open), watching the St Patrick’s Day Parade at 2pm and praying I can get a bus in the evening to the airport!





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