Killarney: DAY 6 – All Good Things

Today’s Theme: ‘All Good Things…’

My last day. So soon? I woke this morning feeling fairly relaxed but just the tiny bit anxious about how the St Patrick’s Day festivities might impede on my travel plans. I ate the last of my supplies (smoked salmon and cream cheese on a gluten free/wheat free bun) and hung out for much longer than necessary in the hostel.

I’ve had such a great time on this trip not just seeing the beauty that is Killarney National Park but also meeting so many people from so many different backgrounds – okay, a lot of them were American girls in the early twenties popped over for a week – but everyone has a story. My last few hours were dedicated to speaking with a young girl from Austria who had just started working in the hostel and was excited to be spending 6 months in Ireland.

After a while I realised I would still have plenty of time for a relaxed lunch so I wandered up the road to a cafe I had seen a few days before and ordered their breakfast panini. This was a mistake and a terrible last meal for Ireland but a good spot for people watching and reading.

I ran back to the hostel just to pick up my backpack and made my way through the crowded streets to find a spot for the Killarney St Patrick’s Day Parade. I sandwiched myself between a pram and an umbrella as the rain spat down on us all waiting for the parade to start.

It was a cute parade and reminded me very much of the parades I went to as a child in small town New Zealand with local sports groups, schools and an obnoxious representative of the government in a sport car all turning out in the rain to celebrate. The circus also happened to be in town so came out all dressed up and energetic even in the wet weather.


As the last drenched group of children flowed down the short street I rounded the corner and headed up to the Outlet Mall where the buses stop. I wasn’t entirely sure that the buses would be running as the timetable seemed to indicate but sure enough at 4pm on the dot the bus arrived and we piled in. I expected to be the only one at the airport leaving Ireland on St Paddy’s but as the flight time grew nearer the small Kerry airport started to fill and soon there was barely any space to move as we were shoulder to shoulder waiting for the Ryan Air plane to arrive.

It was late of course and I was sat next to a child (of course) but the flight itself was smooth until we lost radio signal somewhere above Luton. Excellent. After circling for a short while we set down on the run way only to be placed in a queue to taxi and when it finally came our turn found that the plane in front had somehow snapped the tow bar. I knew I would miss my dream bus that would get me home at a reasonable time but hoped I could at least make the next one provided customs didn’t hold me up – they didn’t. My passport didn’t even leave my bag as we walked out onto British soil; guess they aren’t all that bothered about immigrants after all.

Standing in the gale force winds for 20minutes the bus eventually arrived and the cut off was luckily passed to the people behind me as I clambered on and rode back to Marble Arch to catch a quick tube ride back to Ealing. At home I found a box of sakura Pocky waiting for me at my door – thank you roomy. I snuggled up in my (thankfully-not-a-bunk-bed) bed and started an Iron Fist marathon which only lasted an episode before I drifted off to sleep.





The next morning I awoke to the beautiful sun and headed off to Specsavers for my first check up in a long time. After placing a lens on my left eye I was asked to read a small line of letters in the distance. Laughing I told him that would be impossible before he retorted that this was my current prescription.

Hmm… perhaps I should’ve gone to get them tested BEFORE my holiday. But then again, if the scenery of Ireland looked good event to a blind person how amazing would it look if you could actually see?


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