Vancouver: DAY 1 – How Am I Even Awake?

The lead up to my trip was so chaotic that I barely remembered I would be sitting on a plane for 10hrs.

But remember I did. I loaded up my laptop with movies and video games and headed out the door at 8am making it to the airport in good time.

The plane was a lot smaller than I expected but fairly empty meaning that I had a spare seat next to me. There were no TVs on the back of the seats and instead ipads were handed out to those who wanted them. Doesn’t matter to me, I thought, I’ve got my laptop and there’s plenty to keep me occupied. Like a 10hr game of Civilisation V.

I tried to plug in my power cord but nothing was charging. I figured it was due to it still be early in the flight. Perhaps the power hadn’t been turned on yet.

2hrs later and my battery was looking bad. I asked the flight attendant during the meal service and was told to ring the bell later and they would look at it.

An hour later and the battery was flat-lining. I rang the bell and was told that the power to my seat was dead. They offered to charge things up at the back of the plane but then I would have no entertainment so I instead found a spare seat with power and alternated between charging my phone or my laptop.



Luckily the In-betweeners didn’t kill my battery and I managed to last the rest of the, fairly easy, flight by looking out the window over stunning views of Greenland and Canada.



A miracle happened when we landed 50minutes early and once the massive queues for passport checks were over I exited to arrivals and met up with Maxine.

Obligatory Tim Horton’s visit done, we got on the Canada line followed by the 99 bus and made our way over to Maxine’s place in a lovely and quiet area. I would be staying at Maxine’s for the night before Dad arrived the following day and we would move to the Airbnb.

I showered and we chilled, caught up and spoke like it hadn’t been 3years since we last saw each other. I was feeling pretty fresh considering it was some ridiculous hour of the morning in the UK and I hadn’t slept since 7am the day before. So we headed out for an incredible Japanese dinner at Naruto Sushi.

After the melt in the mouth Salmon Donburi we wandered back to Maxine’s and watched 17 Again with face masks on. The best kind of evening.




I managed to last until 9pm (5am UK time) until my bones were aching and it was finally time to lay down the air bed and crawl under the sheets. A 10pm my eyes finally closed and my first half day in Vancouver ended.




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